The trailer platform is ideal for assets that are exposed to the elements. The platform can operate from any of the following power sources: vehicle main, vehicle running lights, solar or battery. It can be programmed to wake-up on motion, upon tamper, or upon a preset schedule. Reports can be triggered periodically or in response to events – such as removing/restoring the vehicle power, movement, geo-fence violations, and many other events.


VEHICLE Tracking

The vehicle tracking platform is a low-cost solution ideal for vehicle telematics, lot management, usage based insurance (UBI), and other vehicle tracking applications. It helps service providers and insurance companies offer value added services to customers and leverage the data to gain market intelligence to make smarter decisions using key operational metrics and sensory data.



The fleet platform is ideal for integration into fleet management software systems allowing real-time field service management for optimizing routes, managing resources, tracking vehicles, monitoring driver behavior, etc.



The platform allows tracking of asset location in real-time, alerting when assets are moved or tampered with, and provides information about the asset’s environment such as temperature and volume.


Theft Recovery

The ability to quickly recover assets is essential. Protect valuable mobile assets, from vehicles to motorcycles to bicycles. Tracking and recovery of mobile or movable assets require a range of flexible solutions including weather resistance and self powering.